International Boat Shipping from the USA

The United States has the largest secondary market for boats. Even though it would cost money to ship a boat across the world, the benefit of the purchase is still noticeable. 

Why is it cheaper in the U.S.? 

Same with cars, boats in the U.S. are for sale by insurance companies, rarely private people. Everyone is interested in a quick sale, competition is huge, so prices are reduced more than 2-3 times. Almost all boats with light traces of use, damage, and minimal repair is required.

How to buy a boat and deliver it from the United States?

To order and buy a boat at an American auction, you have to understand how it works, and what it takes. It’s impossible to purchase a boat at the auction without being in United Stated and having a representative in the United States.

The best offers are published on Insurance Auto Auction (IAAI), Manheim, and Copart. It’s a closed auction in four states:

  • Colorado;
  • Alabama;
  • Michigan;
  • Ohio.

Only residents or agents with representation in the United States may participate. In order not to miss the best offers and buy a boat at a really low price, we recommend choosing the option with closed tender in the above states. We’ll be happy to represent your interests in any of them.

What is included in the delivery from TRT international

For over 30 years, we’ve been shipping cargo from America all over the world. In the U.S., we have six warehouses of our own, representatives with restricted auctions at the nation’s largest auctions. With us, delivery of the boat from the USA will save you from search, organization, and process control. The service includes:

  • monitoring of proposals and selection of lots according to set parameters, taking into account the budget;
  • verification of the condition and history of the boat on-site;
  • transport to the nearest port;
  • processing of transport documents;
  • loading/unloading on a vessel;
  • customs escort. 

We are delivering boats of all types, including sailing yachts, jet skis, catamarans, and pleasure crafts. We are engaged in the purchase and processing of equipment, we are choosing the optimal type of transportation:

  • Ro-Ro - on the deck or in the hold;
  • FLO-FLO - using water-lifting and water-lowering platforms upon arrival;
  • in sea containers. 

We work with major US ports, including New York, Miami, San Diego, and others. We transport boats all over the world, including to CIS, EU countries, and Asia. 

Freight charges and our warranty

The price of delivery depends on the type of boat, point of departure and destination, and additional services (customs escort, forwarding agent, documentation, delivery to the warehouse on arrival, etc.). Floating fees from America are based on the auction price and the cost of transportation. 

Correct documents - guarantee that on arrival the boat will not be fined or delayed in the port until the documentation is corrected and paid for every day of downtime. The Customs representative from TRT will keep customs payments and processing times to a minimum. Contact us if you are planning to buy a boat in the States at a low cost. Experience allows us to determine the exact time and cost of purchase with delivery, and therefore to plan the budget and expenses.  

From the moment of conclusion of the contract for delivery of the boat from the U.S., you will be assigned with a personal manager. He will be in touch 24/7, informing you about the stages of transportation in time with photos and comments.

TRT International has been transporting cargo around the world for 30 years and knows exactly where it is cheaper to make a purchase in the United States, and how to do it right. Six of our own warehouses in the U.S. We know the specifics of the auctions, so we’ll pick up and check the transport before we buy it.

Learn more about our services on our website.

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Feb 18th 2022

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