Heavy goods transport services 

Transporting oversized cargo from the USA is difficult to organize without understanding the process and responsible representatives in the shipping country, along the way. There is only one way to deliver "oversized" from America in one piece and at an adequate price - to conclude a contract with a reliable carrier. No other option will justify the effort and the cost. Moreover, delivery delays and losses will be a direct threat. 


What is "oversized" and why is it difficult to transport? 



Professionals call oversized the "heavyweights", although weight isn’t always a key difference from anything that falls under the "standard". For maritime transport in the United States, oversized cargo is considered to have over  14 m in length, 3.4 m in width, 3.4 m in height, and 35 t in weight. 

Delivery of heavy equipment is the highest pilotage in the field of transport logistics. To make the puzzle, the basic conditions for the transport of oversized goods must be met. People who are not involved in transportation have little understanding of what is involved, much less can guarantee that the requirements for safe transport are met. That is why it is important to trust transportation to those who have succeeded in this for many years and are responsible for the result.  


There are examples of oversized goods below :  

Blades for the wind turbine; 


Steam boiler 




Farm combine. 


The purpose, the weight, the manufacturer are not the primary. All types of cargo have one thing in common: they cannot simply be loaded and transported. It means we need proper organization and proper delivery planning. That is what we do, defining the scale of the task and developing optimal solutions. 

We are organizing: 



storage in a warehouse before shipment; 


loading and unloading of "oversized". 

The slightest omission could cost the lives of people who are unlucky enough to be around. 

A separate topic is the processing of transport documents by State law. It is necessary for the preparation and processing to be carried out by specialists, otherwise, the goods may not be missed, delayed, and subject to fines at Customs. 

Shipping from the United States is organized in 315 ports, but only 19 of them handle international cargo. We work with major ports in Savannah, Los Angeles, New York. We have six warehouses in America, our handling equipment, an experienced and qualified team. All this simplifies the task, reduces the risks and costs of the client. 


How is the carriage of oversized "turnkey" cargo to TRT international: 

  • select technique/ equipment, agree on choice with the client, make the payment  
  • draw documents on the transporting;  
  • check  the quality of the package, correct it if necessary; 
  • deliver cargo to the nearest port with a lowboy truck; 
  • control the loading and unloading  of the vessel; 
  • check the anchorages; 
  • accompanied “oversized" at customs 

The transport of oversized cargo from the USA, depending on its characteristics, is planned with the use of normal or one of the flat rack containers: 

  • with an open-top; 
  • with an open platform with walls; 
  • with an open platform without walls. 

The load shall be secured over the entire area to the fittings of the base of the container and then loaded onto the vessel. The lifting equipment is connected to the process for loading and unloading.

5 reasons to trust us to transport "oversized" 

In the search for a reliable carrier for oversized cargo from the USA, it is worth looking towards the most experienced and prepared. Logistics company TRT International organizes the transportation of equipment from the USA, special equipment, oversized cargo with delivery all over the world. We’re trusted by private clients and big corporations.  


They’re happy that we: 

1. Develop an optimal logistic transport plan. 

 2. Assist in the selection and payment of cargo in the States, if required.  

3. Arrange storage, packaging, transportation to the port, and 

accompanying forwarder to destination 

 4. We will issue a package of documents for transport. 

5. We’ll do the rustling on the spot. 

We are convenient because for each task we find useful solutions based on budget, time, customer requirements. We are responsible for the result, maintain communication with the client in a 24/7 mode. 

TRT International has been transporting goods around the world for 28 years and knows exactly where it is cheaper to buy a car in the United States, how to do it correctly. Six of our warehouses are in the U.S. We know the specifics of auctions, so we’ll pick up and test the car before buying.  

Read more on our website: www.usatrt.com 

Sales department: [email protected] l +1 (973) 344-7100  


Feb 17th 2022

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